Tables for One: The Restaurant Reviews of A. Pontious


Oryx and Cake

13 E. 1st St. (212-533-7400)
MARCH 1, 2013





If a bakery which features desserts baked by a woman in a Margaret Atwood mask who later proved to be Margaret Atwood herself seems too good to be true, that's because it is. Oryx and Cake is not yet a restaurant. BUT IT SO TOTALLY COULD BE.

So yes, this is not a restaurant revie (yet!). Rather, this is a strong suggestion to author Margaret Atwood to diversify her investments. While this writing thing seems to be paying off for now, it's been proven that what really sells books are bakeries.

You wrote a book called "The Edible Woman" - - that could mean gingerbread, and a short story called "Bluebeard's Egg," which sounds like it could be delicious. A children's book called Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut, which I have in fact, eaten of my own accord, and was great with my morning coffee. I'm not crazy.